* Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the gallery has been closed and meetings have been suspended until further notice.

Plein Air Activities will continue!

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When we have new guidelines from the Church, and the state, and feel that those guidelines can be safely implemented given the constraints of our occupancy, we will move ahead with a plan for opening.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.  Please check back soon!


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Wednesday’s Week #9 Challenge

The Old Mill in Weston, VT






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Portsmouth Arts Guild Is on ETSY!!!

The last Portsmouth Arts Guild exhibit, “Water and Land” has ended and the new Juried All Photography show has just opened virtually.  During the exhibit, the Guild opened an Etsy store to offer artists a vehicle for selling their creations.  We currently have five artists displaying their work and hope to continue to grow – with your help. If you have an unsold item from a Guild exhibit or otherwise, please consider listing it in Etsy.  This is the link to the shop:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/PortsmouthArtsGuild?ref=search_shop_redirect
There would be no cost to you unless the art sold.  The Portsmouth Arts Guild will list your item and publicize your art on social media.  You would be responsible for shipping your art when your piece sells.
Email  wendybdavis@hotmail.com  or jpbnauset@gmail.com for more details. 

SELL YOUR WEEKLY CHALLENGE ON ETSY new weekly challenge category will be added to our Etsy Shop. If you have enjoyed our weekly challenges, please consider offering your completed works for sale in our Etsy shop. Buyers will have a choice of a variety of styles, mediums, and prices with a similar theme. Please send a photo of your listing, with a description including dimensions, title, price and a bio of the artist, to wendybdavis@hotmail.com. You agree to ship within 2 days of sale at your expense, and Etsy and Guild commissions will be deducted from selling price. https://www.etsy.com/shop/PortsmouthArtsGuild?ref=seller-platform-mcnav.

Thank you for considering this avenue for selling your art AND helping the Guild.


Inspired by Quotes and Lyrics Exhibit

People’s Choice Award – Choose your favorite artwork from this exhibit and send an email to gallery@portsmoutharts.org. The winner will be featured next month!

Juried All Photography Show

youtu.be/b-3zf-8NaJY(opens in a new tab)

Prize Winners

Elizabeth B. Staples  1st place
“Foggy Morning in Wickford”
 8” x 10”

Juror’s Note: Lighting drives a photograph, and images where the lighting is barely perceptible require great skill in composition and design for them to succeed. It’s incredibly difficult to harness this flat, grey light in such a way that the image has movement and depth, yet that is precisely what’s been accomplished in this image. The image is beautifully balanced without falling into the trap of over-symmetry, and the muted tones and textures contrast exquisitely with the visual back-and-forth of the repeated lines throughout the frame.

Stanley Goldberg    2nd place
“Patriot Petroleum”
18” x 12”

Juror’s Note : This image of such stillness, such unchanging time, belies the great effort taken to craft this image so meticulously. An image so dependent on its formal qualities must be technically unimpeachable and compositionally flawless, two
challenges that have been met, seemingly effortlessly, in this photograph. Employing a striking use of the long
horizontal, the multiple geometries at play in this image linger within the glow of prosaic fluorescent lights, at once
pulling us into the frame and blocking our entrance.
Iwona Lapczyk 3rd Place
    12″ x 15″ – framed

Juror’s Note: This image has a wonderfully compelling push-and-pull between lush visuals and an overarching sense of disquiet. There’s a wonderful negative/positive space interplay with the silhouettes and the glowing background light, and a lovely visual rhythm of the light striking the leaves, chairs, and other elements in the foreground. There’s also just enough ambiguity in our subjects that we’re not certain if we are the voyeurs or those being watched.
Mark Peacor Honorable Mention
8” x 12”

Juror’s Note: Although much of the image is stark black, the extensive of tonality in the clothespin and the clothesline create fantastic texture in both elements, giving the image visual richness and allowing the viewer to focus on the careful geometry of the forms in the image. 


Portsmouth Arts Guild is still hosting Plein Air events. Go to our EVENTS page for details!


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