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Summer 2019 Classes

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Botanical Watercolor with Elizabeth O’Connell 

In this class, together we’ll enjoy and examine the natural beauty and colors of fruits, flowers, and vegetables, complete simple sketches, and discuss composition and color palette choices to paint realistically with watercolors. Returning students will use their skills to take their work to a new level of increased complexity and size. Some drawing experience recommended. All materials included. 

Instructor:  Elizabeth O’Connell studied fine and graphic art at Boston’s former Garland Junior College and watercolor painting with Natalie Phanstiehl and Richard Grosvenor. She exhibits her work at local shops and galleries and at Made in Warren Artist Cooperative Store, Warren, R.I. 

            Date:          4 Tuesdays, June 4-25  

           Time:           1-3:30 

            Tuition:    $160/ $150 members (all materials provided)


Drawing The Landscape with Suzanne Lewis

Meet at various locations in the East Bay to draw landscapes, including buildings and boats. Learn perspective and how to draw textures such as stone, wood, etc. We will draw in charcoal, pen and colored pencil.

A good way to prepare for plein air painting. Drawing is a skill that anyone can learn and improve with practice. Teacher will give demos and individual instruction based on skill level. Returning students may work on more advanced skills.   

Instructor: Suzanne Lewis has a Master in Arts in Teaching from RIC and Certificate in Drawing and Painting from RISD Continuing Education Program. She has been teaching various drawing classes at PAG for several years.

 Date:          3 Wednesdays, June 12, 19, 26  

Time:          9:30-noon

Tuition:     $90/80 members

Provincetown White Line Woodblock with Suzanne Lewis

The white line woodblock iwas invented in Provincetown in the 1920’s. Inspired by Japanese prints, areas are delineated with wood carving tools, then painted with watercolors. they are handprinted using the   back of a spoon rather than a press. Learn this unique form of printmaking now coming back into fashion.In this class we will go beyond black and white to experiment with 

Instructor: See above

Dates:          Sunday, June 9 

Time:           11-5

Tuition:      $70/65 members ($15 materials fee paid to instructor)

Introduction to Photographic Composition  Part 1 with Ron Zincone

“I understand how to use my camera but how do I compose my images?” This course will introduce you to the art side of photography known as composition. Understanding and learning to compose an image takes time, patience, diligence and much hands-on application. This course will guide you to developing a “photographer’s eye” in which you will improve your imagery by learning how to see composing elements such as good light, shapes, forms, lines, colors and more.

Instructor: see below

Date:          Tuesday, June 18  

Time:          6-9PM

Tuition:      $40/30 members


Introduction to Photographic Composition Part 2 with Ron Zincone

This follow-up course to Composition Part One continues with more in-depth review of design elements that will teach you the basic and most critical components to “seeing” and “capturing” a good composition. Developing your “photographers eye” and learning to see and not just take snapshots is important to your growth  as a visual artist pursuing photography.  Learn more about light, shapes, forms, lines, repetition, color, use of lenses, positive and negative space and much more.

Instructor: see below

Date:      Wednesday, July 17

Time:      6-9

Tuition:   $40/$30 members


Nature Photography Made Easy! with Ron Zincone  

This course is designed to teach you how to develop your photographic eye to capture various themes in nature. this hands-on field trip will teach you the basics on how to “see” your subjects and maximize your photographic tools. We will cover such topics as finding good light, scouting your site, best angles, lens selection, DSLR camera techniques and much more. Take your photography to the next level.  

Instructor:  Ron Zincone is an award-winning photographer. He is a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography and a Certified Skywarn Spotter for the National Weather Service. Ron has pursued outdoor photography since 1999 and has been a lifelong learning teacher since 2006. His online portfolio and Bio can be viewed at   

          Date:          Saturday, August 17 (rain date August 24)

          Time:        5-8 PM

           Tuition:   $45/$35 members 


Open Figure Studio with Wayne Quackenbush

Join this 4 week open figure studio.  Open to all media and skill levels. No instruction-simply an opportunity to paint or draw from live models in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. The models may be clothed or nude. There will be a series of short and longer poses depending on the wishes of the group.

     Date:    4 Wednesdays, June 19-July 10 OR July 24-Aug 14  

    Time:     6-9 PM

    Tuition:  $50/40 for PAG members for each 4 week session


Sketchbook 101 with Susan Bennett

Are you feeling uncreative? Bored with what you see on your social media and TV? Stuck in a rut? Starting a sketchbook practice is a great way to start thinking creatively again! Artists have long known the benefits and legacy of using a sketchbook. It can be a useful tool to work out creative blocks, spark innovative ideas and strengthen observation skills in everyday life, as well as to record memories and explore themes. All levels of drawing and painting welcome.

Instructor:  susan is a Rhode Island based artist who has worked in a variety of creative fields, including clothing designer, decorative painter and visual stylist. Her artwork has been shown in galleries and museums across the US.

Date:          Saturday, June 22  

Time:          10-12 PM

Tuition:     $30/$25 members ($5 materials fee to be paid to instructor)


Marine Painting with Joel Popadics 

Join watercolorist Joel Popadics on a plein air workshop in picturesque Rhode Island. Learn how to capture the feeling of light and atmosphere in your paintings in this 3-day workshop for all levels. Each day we will meet at different locations. Morning and afternoon sessions will begin with a painting demonstration. topics will include: how to paint boats, harbors, water reflections, skies, moody weather, and all things related to the marine landscape. After the demos you will have the opportunity to paint and apply the concepts presented. Individual instruction will be provided throughout the day. 

Instructor:  Joel Popadics is Vice-President of the American Watercolor Society (AWS) and a Past-President of the New Jersey Water Color Society. He’s been featured many times in American Artist, The Artist’s Magazine, Watercolor Artist and Watercolor Magic Magazines. He’s been teaching watercolor for over 30 years and is a popular workshop instructor. He has a BFA from the School of Visual Arts in NYC. To learn more about Joel and to see his watercolors on line visit his website at 

Date:     Wednesday-Friday, August 7-9  

Time:    8:30-4

Tuition: $325/$300 members 


Children and Youth Classes 


Childrens Natural Science Drawing and Painting with Elizabeth O’Connell

Animals, plants, insects and other creatures are fascinating to illustrate! Using materials from different habitats in nature, students will learn how to observe closely, discuss, measure, and use colored pencils  and watercolors to create a life-like representation of what they see. Many specimens will be live! Returning students will bring their skills to a new level. All materials included.

 Instructor: Elizabeth O’Connell studied Fine and Graphic Art at Boston’s former Garland Junior College and watercolor painting with Natalie Phanstehl and Richard Grosvenor. She exhibits her work at local shops and galleries and Made in Warren Artist Cooperative Store in Warren, RI  

            Date:      5 Tuesdays and Thursdays July 9, 11, 16, 18, 23 

            Time:      1-3:30  

            Tuition:  $180/$160 members children and grandchildren      


Have Fun with Mixed Media with PAG Staff

Each day will feature a different art form , such as collage, printmaking, paper marbling and more. Learn different techniques and skills and bring home a finished work of art each day. An easy, relaxed atmosphere will add to the enjoyment.

Instructors: Experienced PAG staff and teachers will demonstrate multi-media techniques  

       Date:          Monday-Friday, July 29-August 2       
        Time:          10-12 noon
          Ages:             6-9 and 10-13 (2 groups)
          Tuition :       $100/$90 members children and grandchildren ($10  materials fee on 7/29) 


Watercolor Painting with Jane Bailey  

You will learn the different skills and techniques involved in painting watercolors. Jane will teach you how to plan a painting, including ideas, composition, color and drawing. She will also explain how watercolor paintings should be matted and framed. Have fun and learn a new skill.  

Instructor: Jane has been an artist since she was old enough to hold a pencil. She studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and has her own gallery in Newport. She loves teaching and seeing her students’ progress. she has been involved in our Homeschool Program for several semesters.  

Date:           Monday-Friday, August 5-9   

Time:          1-3 PM  

Ages:            10 and up

Tuition:      $100/$90 members’ children and grandchildren


Creating Fairy Tales and Fairy Houses with Lynn DeBeer  

Children explore the world of fantasy and fairy tales through writing, theater and visual arts. Students will read and create fairy tales and fantasy. As a team, students will create, produce and perform a play about fairies. They will then build their own  fairy houses. Using only natural materials, students will work each day to create an imaginary home for their characters.

Instructor:  Lynn Debeer is a Fine Arts graduate of Skidmore College and has been teaching painting and creative exploration for over 25 years. She also works as an Arts Education Coordinator at the RI State Council on the Arts and as an art teacher at Sophia Academy.  

Date:          Monday-Friday, August 12-16 

Time:          10-2 PM  

Tuition:      $150/140 members children and grandchildren)  (materials fee $20 paid to instructor) 





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 For more information contact or call Suzanne Lewis at 254-1668

PAG Cancellation and Refund Policy:

The Portsmouth Arts Guild reserves the right to cancel classes with insufficient enrollment. Refunds of 100% if class is canceled; 80% for withdrawal at least one week before start of the first class. No refunds after one week before the start of your class. Adult classes are open to ages 15 and up with permission of instructor. If student is a minor, parent/guardian will be asked to sign a waiver on the first day of class.