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Spring 2018 Classes

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Drawing 101 with Suzanne Lewis 

Drawing is a skill that anyone can learn and improve with practice. It forms the foundation for painting and other artistic expression. Open to those who would like to learn or review basic drawing skills such as composition, value, perspective, etc. We will work in a variety of media. We will work in the studio from still life and spend one day outside on landscape, weather permitting. Teacher will give demos and individual instruction depending on skill level. Returning students may work on more advanced skills.

Instructor:  Suzanne Lewis has a Master in Arts in Teaching from RIC and Certificate in Drawing and Painting from RISD Continuing Education Program. She has been teaching at the Portsmouth Arts Guild and other locations for a number of years.

            Date:       5 Wednesdays, March 14-April 11                                        

           Time:       9:30-noon  

            Tuition:    $120/110 members ($5 material fee paid to instructor at first class)  


Drawing with Color with Suzanne Lewis

In this class we will go beyond black and white to experiment with color media, such as colored pencil, conte crayon, oil sticks and others. Try something new or return to a medium that you have tried in the past. We will be working in the studio from still life objects. Open to those with some basic drawing experience.

Instructor: see above

Date:     4 Wednesdays, April 25-May 16

Time:     9:30-noon

Tuition:   $100/90 members ($10 materials fee to be paid to instructor at first class) 


From Studio to the Outdoors with Mark Fernandez     

Learn the basics and tricks for painting on location. The class will alternate between a studio exercise and painting outdoors. Every class I will start with a demo to show how to simplify the painting process. We will learn the advantages of plein air painting, as well as the various approaches to working on-site. We will utilize thumbnail sketches, limited palettes and the thoughtful use of colors, values, shapes, and edges. Open to all levels of oil and acrylic artists. will need a portable easel for painting on location.


Instructor:  Mark Fernandez currently is a full time  painter and has a gallery, Art on Spring, in Newport. The gallery showcases Mark’s paintings and his wife’s stained glass creations. Mark is primarily self-taught painter but has attended workshops with Randall Sexton, Mark Boedges, Jill Carver and David Lussier. See his work at     

          Date:    6 Tuesdays,  April 17-May 22   

            Time:    9-12 noon  

            Tution:   $250/$225 members  ($25 materials fee to be paid to instructor on april 17)


 Intermediate Watercolor with Lynn DeBeer    

Experiment with still life, portraits, landscape and/or abstract painting in your personal style. This course will revisit composition, sketching, color and review watercolor techniques to work in the subject of your choice. We will refer to paintings and artists that have stood the test of time. Learn techniques of the masters and then develop yo

ur personal style to build on your current level and develop the style that speaks to you personally.

Instructor: Lynn DeBeer is a fine arts graduate of Skidmore College and has been teaching painting and creative exploration for over 25 years. She has been an arts administrator, a fine arts consultant and has worked with artists for over 30 years to develop and market their work.

           Date:    5 Mondays, March 12-April 9   0r  

                          5 Mondays, April 23-May 21

           Time:   10-12:30 PM

           Tuition:  $125/115 members for each session ($225/210 members for both sessions)  

Open Studio with Wayne Quackenbush

Join this 6 week open figure studio.  Open to all media and skill levels. No instruction-simply an opportunity to paint or draw from live models in a friendly and supportive atmosphere. the models may be clothed or nude. There will be a series of short and longer poses depending on the wishes of the group.

     Date:     5 Wed., March 7-April 4 and April 18-May 16     

    Time:     6-9 PM

    Tuition:  $60/50 for PAG members for each 5 week session


Beginning Watercolor with Elizabeth O’Connell

This class will introduce the beginner to the fun of working with watercolor. Returning students who would like to review or expand their skills are also invited to join us, as I will work with each of you to learn and/or expand your skills. Using still life and materials from nature,  we’ll explore drawing and painting materials and techniques, mix colors, and learn painting tips for watercolor. We’ll examine and discuss paintings and palettes used by the famous masters of watercolor. Class limited to 10 students.

Instructor: Elizabeth O’Connell studied Fine and Graphic Art at Boston’s former Garland Junior College and watercolor painting classes with Natalie Phanstiehl and Richard Grosvenor. She is also skilled in handweaving and ceramics , and loves all of the arts.  She exhibits her work at many local shops and galleries and is an exhibiting member at the Made in Warren Artist Cooperative Store, Warren R.I.

      Date:     4 Fridays, March 2-23 

      Time:     11-2 PM

      Tuition:   $120/110 members



Plein Air Watercolor with Elizabeth O’Connell

Let’s enjoy summer and painting together outdoors! this class will introduce artists to the methods and materials for working with watercolor. We’ll paint outdoors on gorgeous days  and indoors in rainy weather. Painters who would like to review or expand their skills are invited to join us. We’ll explore drawing techniques and materials, mixing colors, painting tips, and finish a painting each week. We will visit several local sites together to paint outdoors.

Instructor: See above

Date:     4 Fridays, May 4-May 25

Time:      11-2 PM

Tuition:     $120/$100 members 

One Day Workshops


Introduction to Microsoft Excel with Peggy Matheson

Attendees will learn the basics of Excel and how the program can assist you with your Art business, Marketing, Sales, etc. We will end the session by doing a Mail Merge for Labels, using MS Word (if you don’t have MS Word a handout will be provided). You should walk away understanding how to create a basic spreadsheet and a few of the wonderful  aspects of Excel. Please bring your computer and its power cord. You should have Excel 2007 or 2010.  

Instructor: Peggy Matheson is a former board member of PAG with many years of experience in the use of Excel. 

            Date: Saturday, March 17    

            Time:  10-1 PM

            Tuition: $35/30  members



Paint Pouring with Nadine Aerts

Come have fun and learn this new technique for pouring paint on canvas to create a bold design which can stand alone as a work of art or work as a dynamic background for a painting. The challenge is learning to control paint that wants to do its own thing. We will learn the application and uses for pouring paint.

Instructor: Nadine is a self taught artist who has resumed art making after a 20 year career as a body builder in her native Begium. She is eager to introduce students tot he fun and useful skill of paint pouring.

 Date:     Sunday, March 25 (changed from March 18)

Time:     2-4:30

Tuition:    $25/20 members ($5 materials fee to be paid on first day of class)

Learn Your Camera’s Creative Modes-Goodbye to “Auto” with Ron Zincone

This exciting course will help you understand and teach you 35 mm photography by learning just 2 camera modes! that’s right-two camera modes that will take care of 90% of your photographic subjects. You will be taught the basic recipe known as “the photographer’s triangle” while learning your 35 mm DSLR camera. Our goal is to get off the “auto everything” settings and learn to gain creative control of your camera.

Instructor: Ronald Zincone is an award-winning photographer. He is a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography and a Certified Skywarn Spotter for the National Weather Service. Zincone has pursued outdoor photography since 1999, and has been a lifelong learning teacher since 2006. His online portfolio and Bio can be viewed at

Date:     Saturday, March 31 or Saturday, May 19

Time:     9-12 noon

Tuition:  $40/35 members


Cast Paper Mirror with Lisa May Tobin  

Our group will learn about the special qualities of cotton and abaca fiber and how to use these pulps to create a lovely, unique work of art. Plant fiber can be used just like clay in that it can be manipulated to create a variety of desired shapes. Mirror glass will be provided and frame material that you can cut to the outline you want to surround your mirror. After we cover the frame with paper we will decorate it with a variety of forms. I like designing my mirrors with a variety of flowers, leaves, grapes and vines!  

Instructor: Life began with a brochure I picked up while studying at the Art Students League about a “new” art form using the ancient techniques of paper making. I’ve been busy ever since using fiber to make sculpture.  

                                         Date:   Saturday, May 12  

          Time:  10-1 PM

          Tuition:  $45/35 members  ($10 materials fee to be paid to instructor on Sept 23) 


Linoleum Block Prints with Suzanne Lewis  

Learn this simple printmaking technique which you can do at home without a press. Make bold, graphic designs similar to woodblock prints. Learn simple techniques for adding color.  No drawing or printmaking experience necessary.

Instructor: See Drawing 101 above

          Date:  Saturday, May 5   

          Time:  10-4  PM

          Tuition:  $70/60 members ($10 materials fee to be paid to instructor on May 5)   




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 For more information contact or call Suzanne Lewis at 254-1668

PAG Cancellation and Refund Policy:

The Portsmouth Arts Guild reserves the right to cancel classes with insufficient enrollment. Refunds of 100% if class is canceled; 80% for withdrawal at least one week before start of the first class. No refunds after one week before the start of your class. Adult classes are open to ages 15 and up with permission of instructor. If student is a minor, parent/guardian will be asked to sign a waiver on the first day of class.